2013 in creations

Good bye 2013! Below is some 12 creations of this year. It was a year of crocheting, knitting, sewing, gardening, cross-stitching, refashioning.. but mostly sewing..

I really don’t have much time to do in-depth reflections here, as I’m supposed to cook New Year’s Eve dinner right now..

I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR, may it be jolly creative :)

(Oh, yes and pictures are linked to their original posts if you are interested)

Owl granny square Downton Abbey cloche sewing machine cover
jumper tipsy pots tower A bit of cross-stitching
dress with puff sleeves rash vest dress with butterflies
knitted gilet with a faux fur collar (not blogged yet) vintage evening dress Burda evening dress (refashioning)

Thanks for looking and see you next year :)

Presents of Being Present


Note from me:


I haven’t been posting anything for a while… Have a few finished projects, but just not in the mood..
I blame moody autumn.. Everything seems so silly and worthless in autumn.. I’m reading Japanese poetry, drinking cheap alcohol, dissolving in crisp autumn air.. escaping from reality in other words..
That is not Japanese, but still wonderful haiku from Leaf and Twig blog.. Have a look – it’s beautiful..

Originally posted on leaf and twig:

autumn’s air is crisp and chill
dalias on the windowsill

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