Poncho from scarf

I bought this scarf/shawl a couple of years ago at Covent Garden market – just couldn’t resist those butterflies… Sadly, I never wore it, as I just never could get my head around how to wear those things..

So I decided to make something from this lovely material, more exactly, poncho.. It seems they are in fashion again?

It was sooo easy: just two seams, and reversible poncho with “fake hood”  feature is ready!

That’s how I did it: (white basting stitches in top left and bottom right corners):

And the finished garment:

And the other side :)

That’s just for fun:

I’m quite pleased with how it turned out..

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

5 thoughts on “Poncho from scarf

  1. what are your measurements/lengths for the seams? thanks…looks great! I have a few large shawls that I wanted to recreate as well!

    • Hi!
      I had a large scarf 1.80m by 70 cm. I left 50cm for the neck opening (so the total circumference of neckline is 100cm). I also made a perpendicular seam about 6 cm from the fold for the “hood effect” – but it’s not necessary.. I suppose the best way is to try and see how you like it :) Good luck with your project!

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