Spoonflower free delivery day or We’re All Mad Here! skirt..

Do you know that today one of my favourite  fabric shops  Spoonflower offers free shipping? Everywhere..

That’s another excuse to buy some fabric!

To be honest, their shipping prices are quite modest anyway, but I just like the word “FREE”  :)

So, I was drooling again over their prints.. The one I’ve chosen to buy is a gorgeous border print rain, rain go away – papercut:

I don’t know what I will do with – I just like the design.. Typical!

I also like this tribute to suffragettes:  Suffragettes: Giving women a voice:

Last time I purchased fabric from them was a year ago (on the free shipping day – of course!), and it was this funky Alice in Wonderland print:

I couldn’t not buy it, I just LOVE Alice in Wonderland!

I made a skirt out of it, that was my Christmas Holiday project..

The pattern was found in  quite an old issue of Burda Style magazine. I wanted a skirt, I didn’t have much of a fabric, so it had to be something fitted, that doesn’t require a lot of material. At the same time I wanted something “with a twist”, not your usual pencil skirt..

So here you go: BurdaStyle Magazine 09-2007-116 Skirt with pleats

The project can be called one yard wonder – yes, it’s made from one yard only.. In order to save the pictures of Alice’s characters  as much as possible I had to make the back from 4 pieces instead of 2 (it’s a bit controversial, isn’t it?)

I couldn’t resist to post this picture, it’s not the perfect portrait of the skirt, but it’s so christmas-y…. :)

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


8 thoughts on “Spoonflower free delivery day or We’re All Mad Here! skirt..

  1. I love your skirt because I LOVE Alice in Wonderland! It has been one of my favorite books for pretty much my whole life–since I could read, anyway :)

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