Crying bunnies raincoat

I started sewing this raincoat back in June, when the weather here was a justification of this postcard that you can buy in local tourist shops:

The fabric had been bought a long time ago, and it was this cute Crying bunnies waterproof fabric  (the bunny is also called Fifi Lapin)  from Etsy. I just love it! I would’ve  never embarked on a raincoat project if it wasn’t for this fabric.. I just wanted to make something with those sad bunnies…

The weather somehow improved through the summer, I was busy with other things, and the project became an UFO, i.e. an UnFinished Object..

Now I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished it, and very happy with it :)

I used McCall’s 6517 pattern as it’s simple and easy and I didn’t want anything challenging; working with plastic fabric is already a challenge for me.

The pattern appeared to be fine, though I made some changes: I made it shorter (due to lack of fabric), made side seam pockets instead of front ones, omitted the belt, and made a lining.

New things I learned while making it:

-lining..  I’ve never done it before! I probably did it all wrong as I didn’t have instructions to follow and the pattern doesn’t suggest a lining.. but somehow it turned out ok..

-working with waterproof/plastic fabric.. never again! it was quite a nightmare..

-sewing buttonholes on a sewing machine.. easy!

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


8 thoughts on “Crying bunnies raincoat

  1. Insanely AMAZING!! You have done such a great job, esp. adding the lining with no instructions! The fabric is the absolute cutest! You have definitely inspired me to try a raincoat when our weather gets cooler. Just wondering: what were the main difficulties with sewing a plastic style fabric?

    • Thank you for your appreciation! As for plastic fabric.. well, it just feels..weird. It’s very stiff and slippery and thick.. But the main thing is pins and needles create holes in it.. It’s not recommended to use dressmaker pins (I used anyway!), and theoretically you can’t undo stitching for the same reason of leaving holes in fabric (I ripped a lot of seams, though, I had to rip off the sleeve and attach it again..) It’s very tricky to iron as you can easily melt the fabric.. I did iron the seams using very cool iron and a cloth over the fabric, but I was constantly horrified by the prospect of ruining it all after my hard work!
      Good luck with your project!

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  3. Aww I love Fifi Lapin! I am seriously envious of that raincoat!
    I found out that a ‘roller presser foot ‘ exists for my sewing machine recently- it literally has little rollers on the underneath of the foot that are deisgned to make sewing with waterproof,vinyl and leather a dream. Bit late for you now, although it looks like you managed to do a great job without it but just thought I’d mention it incasse you were ever wanting to use similar fabric again!
    Right, I’m off to google search Fifi Lapin fabric! Blogs are so bad for my bank balance!

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