Handmade Apple Doorstop

I saw a similar doorstop that looked like an apple in a shop. It was so cute! The price tag said something around £15 ? No way I would pay £15 and miss the fun of making it myself :)

I used the fabric remnant left after reupholstering chairs. I put inside some cushion filling and rice in a plastic bag to weight it down.. It cost me nothing (apart from 40p. for a piece of green felt that I used for leaves). A “stalk” was found by me and Jessie the dog while walking in the park..

The whole project took me probably a couple of hours. The “apple” is cute and does its job :)

Thanks for looking and have a nice day..


3 thoughts on “Handmade Apple Doorstop

  1. Oh, this is adorable. I stopped by your blog after you visited me and entered the Pattern Pyramid and book giveaway! I have signed up to follow your blog now to see what else you will be sewing. Feel free to drop by my blog any time! The more, the merrier. I have only started sewing fairly recently myself, and just love it so much and also love the support and knowledge of all the bloggers I have found online. :)

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