Handmade Christmas wreath hanger

I’m feeling poorly today, so had to call in sick.. While I’m curling up in bed with my dog,  laptop and medicine, I decided to share one of my Christmas craft projects..

The idea of this rustic Christmas wreath hanger came to me first a couple of years ago, when a few days before Christmas being  in a need for a wreath hanger, I suddenly realised that they had been already sold out…

I liked this wreath hanger so much, that I make one each Christmas.. (The wreath itself and an owl are not handmade – I bought them.)DSC_0952

Materials I used:

– a few twigs, oak leaves and berries found in the park while walking with Jess;

– a bit of rustic twine.


As you can see, it’s very easy to make: find a suitable twig with a natural “hook”, position another shorter twig perpendicular to the first and  tie them together with a twine; the third twig is tied perpendicularly to the second, so they all form an over the door hook.. Embellish with leaves and berries.. Simple, cheap and I love that rustic look! :)


Have a very Merry Christmas!


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