Remembrance of Things Past: An old project with a horse..

This sleeveless jumper with a horse was made so many years ago that I completely forgot about its existence.. I made it for my mum, and she used to wear it a lot, getting compliments from co-workers and strangers who happened to see it..


I made it from the remnants of wool in my stash (and I used to knit a lot… certainly I had a lot of time on my hands .. sigh). It struck me once that most yarn in my stash is of “autumn” colour, so this project was meant to be an “ode to autumn” :)


The picture was drawn by me, and it reflects my strange attachment to horses and my love to autumn.. (strange, because there were hardly any horses around where I grew up..)

I found all those old pieces of paper with knitting schemes and drawings in my mum’s old desk..



Here are some more of my horsy “art” from when I was a child.. I know they are childish and silly, but I love looking at them as they are the Things From the Past..

This is the picture of a real horse that I often could see from the window of my room:


That’s what this horse was probably dreaming about, or what it would look like in an ideal world:

horse a

And that was named “The scream”  (Only later will I discover  Munch’s  masterpiece “Scream” that I will always feel strong connection with..)


That’s it for today..

Thanks for looking and have a nice day.. :)


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