Downton Abbey cloche

I finished this hat ages ago (Ok, a couple of weeks, but it does feel like ages… )

The Regina pattern from Ravelry appeared to be a pleasure to knit, and a pleasure to wear :)

Despite wearing it all the time, I just couldn’t find time to take pictures …until now



Doesn’t it look “downton abbey-esque”?

As I said I love the pattern: it’s easy to knit and yet it has an interesting twist..

That’s what it looks like in colourful world:



And  finally, Lady Jessie trying the hat on :


Who wore it best? :)

I put it on Ravelry with some technical notes..

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


8 thoughts on “Downton Abbey cloche

  1. Wow it turned out beautifully Julia! I do envy your knitting skills.. I’m more of a knit one, purl one girl :) Jessie looks good in it, but it definitely suits you better! Is Jessie a beagle? She looks like my dog Fred’s Mum! Have a lovely day x

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