For when I’m feeling girly..

This very girly, light-hearted and summery bag is my entry to patternreview Handbag Contest.

It’s only a few hours till the deadline, but that’s me – leaving everything to the last minute…

Without much ado (I don’t have time to ramble anyway), here it is:

bagFront view:

bag1Back view:


Close up:bag2Inside: (Jessie managed to sneak into the photo, can you spot her?)


The idea to make it came to me when I was shortening my old jeans shirt, I thought I could use the offcuts for something else.. like a bag..

I admit it’s not the most practical bag, but it’s so pretty :) And it was fun to make! Which totally justify its existence..

Skills learned:

– installing magnetic closure. The main thing here is to use interfacing, so the fabric doesn’t fall apart later.


Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “For when I’m feeling girly..

  1. This is wonderful. My friend has a bag from Portugal a little like this – the top bit is wven basket like material. the bottom is like a scarf material. Ihave been thinking about making one but couldn’t get past the basket part. when I saw that, I knew straight away something from my old jeans container would be perfect! Well done. you get my vote! Sandy in the UK

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