Spring is in the air…

Yes, it is! The days are brighter and longer, the birds are singing cheerfully in the mornings, and even the air seems to be different… it smells like spring! Bye-bye gloomy and depressive winter..

At times like that I’m itching to do some gardening.. though a frozen soil in the mornings tells me it’s too early, in fact..

Busy with my work, I haven’t even noticed what was going on in the garden..

For example, this “Winter beauty” clematis  – my pride and joy this year – has been flowering for some time now, and I haven’t even noticed its small delicate bells!

DSC_0520aIt’s growing against the wall by the back door. As I don’t use the back door often, I almost missed the pleasure of seeing Winter Beauty in all its beauty..


I have had this clematis for one year, and it’s the first time I see its flowers. Love them!


Another bright spot: trustworthy primulas that come up year after year and cheer you up with its flowers in the middle of winter..


I don’t even know the name of this little climbing plant, that joins the ode to spring in my garden:


And, finally, cute pansies, that I planted in autumn, woke up after long winter sleep and started flowering again:


There are a lot of spring bulbs coming up in my garden, but they are not flowering yet…

Thanks for looking a have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air…

  1. You can try to collect their seed and exchange with other gardeners. I start to collect them and grow them from seeds. Although grow from seeds will take long time to sprout, but you can hybrid the varieties you like and have fun!

    • I never tried to grow clematis from seeds, but I have quite a few lavender plants that I grew from seeds.. It worked out much cheaper than buying them from the garden centre and more fun too!
      I’m trying to propagate my clematis by layering…

  2. I’m very envious of your beautiful flowers, and yard! I don’t even have a balcony to grow basil on. Or the will to take care of it. But many apartments ago, I had a glorious porch overflowing with plants, and everytime someone shares their own garden I remember that place very fondly. Pansies are especially nostalgic!

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