A quick flapper fringe dress for the 1920s party..

Last weekend I went to a Birthday-Roaring 20s-Murder mystery at Juice Joint-Swanky speakeasy-party.. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

So I needed a “flapper girl” costume.. Being very busy at work, I just didn’t have much time to make it.. After contemplating what to do (to buy or to make and what exactly to make), I found this manual on you tube. It seemed to be easy, enough “flapper-y”, but not too caricaturistic..

Well in the end I hated it – everything goes wrong, when you are in a hurry: I ran out of fringe (the manual tells you need 4 yards, I bought a 5 metres roll and it was not enough – stupid of me, could’ve calculated it myself ), had to order one more metre then wait for it to come… I was finishing my costume literally at the last possible minute, applying make up in the car, and I was still wearing foam hair rollers (ok, under the hat) while we were driving to the party…

Anyway, it wasn’t that bad after all… All photos are in situ, so sorry for the quality…

1920s dress

1920s dress

Me and my husband aka Notorious gangster (it’s a shame you can’t see his spats!)

1920s dress 3

1920s dress 1

1920s dress 4

The facts

I used:

– 1m of  gold stretch satin,

– 6m of Chainette furnishing fringe 12.5 cm wide,

-2m  of stretch sequin trim in gold,

-some feathers (for a headpiece) from a Craft shop.

The fringe appeared to be the most expensive “ingredient”! It would be much cheaper to buy a ready made costume from a fancy dress shop or ebay… (Have you ever noticed how shockingly cheap ready made clothes are compared with self made projects? Home sewing is not economical any more.. ) On the other hand, you don’t want to come to a party and see someone else wearing exactly the same costume..

1920s party

Spot the beagle!

Thanks for looking and have a Happy Easter!


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