Easter resolutions

I know it should be New Year’s resolutions, but I think you can make resolutions at any time, right? Besides, if you have a bright idea, why to wait for another year?

And the idea is: I want to stop buying too much clothes. No, I’m not a shopaholic and I don’t own that much clothes (I believe..) It’s just recently I realised that I have an expending wardrobe full of all these undeniably nice items, but 99% of time I wear the same pair of comfy jeans and my favourite cardigan..

Maybe it has something to do with growing older, but I just don’t like dressing up any more. I prefer things casual.. and yet I can’t resist buying the nth dress/shirt/blouse from TKmaxx because of its cute print and reduced price tag..

It’s just nowadays we buy clothes not because we need them, but because we can.. High street shops sales (there is always a sale somewhere, some shops have a permanent Sale sign as it attracts us customers.. ) and online vouchers, discount codes, etc. make us buy more and more cheap affordable clothes that end up being hardly worn…

I remember time when buying a new clothing item was a planned, thought over process; today it’s a kind of therapy… Besides, the fashion tendencies change so quickly that we have to buy new items all the time to keep up with fashion…

I might be not the most guilty of overconsumption, but I want to change my consuming habits, that’s my plan:

I stop buying new clothes (even socks, I’ve got hundreds of them with prints one crazier than another!) for 2 months. That is April and May. In the end I will think whether I need anything and then make a decision what to buy and from where.

The reason:

– there is no point of buying new clothes if I don’t wear them;

– I don’t want to support sweat shops and cheap labour companies (to be fair I tend no to buy over-cheap clothes anyway, for example, I would never shop in Primark; most of my clothes are of good quality bought on sale or in charity shops.. )

I also stop buying fabric for those 2 months. I have quite a stash now, besides, I’ve got a couple of boxes full of items bought in charity shops and awaiting to be refashioned.

I’m not buying any more yarn either. I’ve bought loads of it recently, and I’m still knitting a jumper that I started in October! With such pace it’ll take me few years to go through my stash!

I am also spring-cleaning my wardrobe, giving items that I don’t wear to charity shops and altering those that have  potential of being worn..

Well, that’s it! I know I’m not the first one to think about those issues. I found this nice video on PARED website that you might like to watch:  (The website is interesting too. Have a look at it! )

Yes, and HAPPY EASTER :)


3 thoughts on “Easter resolutions

  1. WOW you and I are on the same page as I have just blogged about this very subject. I thought I was the only one who was seduced by a cheap price tag and a cute item. I spent Easter going through my stuff and was horrified by the number of clothes I own which still have the price tag on or that I have worn once. I am with you on the no shopping for new clothes for a couple of months. The pared website is interesting.

  2. This is a worthwhile cause, and one I hold dear to my own heart too. Once you stop buying clothes it becomes easier and easier not to. I’m not even vaguely tempted anymore, and it’s been four years for me :)

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