The longest ever knitting project..

That pullover, I’m ashamed to say, had been started back in October.. Well, I finished it now!
It’s probably the longest ever of my knitting projects..
Anyway, it’s Turtle Neck Pullover from Japanese series Couture Knit. Apart from it doesn’t have a turtle neck in my interpretation..

I used the same yarn as for Downton Abbey cloche, it’s quite chunky, 25% wool yarn. The jumper is warm and cosy – not something you would wear in May (unless you live in England..)

And it’s also the same colour as the allium in my garden!


Jessie’s giving me a hug, can you see how her tail is wagging?



Don’t make holes in my new jumper, you crazy hound! – Don’t pull my ear then!

I am happy to finish this “epic” project! That means I can start knitting something summer-y.. Hopefully I finish it before winter comes.. :)

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


11 thoughts on “The longest ever knitting project..

  1. Wow! That is absolutely beautiful!! The color is fantastic, and you look fantastic in it! Definitely worth all the time you spent. :)

      • lol its not as delicate as you would think. Was made with Hayfield Bonus Aran wool so it was more sturdy and forgiving for dogs/cats

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