Flowering today: houseplants

I have many houseplants in the house.. In fact, too many.. I can easily get carried away buying cuttings and young plants, and as they grow bigger, they take more and more space.. and more of my time to look after them all.. (In my old apartment, I had gorgeous monstera deliciosa in the kitchen, it grew so big that I couldn’t do my dishes any more..)

The good thing about houseplants invasion though, there is always something flowering in my house.. Right now there are quite a few different plants in flower. I will show only 3 of them today..

Gloxinia. I’ve got it for a few years now and it keeps flowering year after year. Very easy to propagate.



Kalanchoe mangini.  I always thought that kalanchoe was boring plant, but this variety is so different from common known type. Love those little coral bells!



Phyllocactus  ackermannii. Grown from unrooted cutting bought from ebay a couple of years ago. Quite messy looking plant but flowers are absolutely gorgeous! It’s now flowering for the 3d time this year!



My two favourite things: fabric and flowers :)



Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


6 thoughts on “Flowering today: houseplants

  1. I just bought a gloxinia, well 2 actually. How do I water them? How much light do they need? Any thing else I should know. I don’t want them to die! Yours is beautiful. Thanks

    • Hi, it’s quite an easy plant, very similar to African violets, as it’s from the same family. I water it from below as leaves are very easy to get rotten if wet.. Just water regularly to keep the soil moist..
      In winter it gets dormant, loosing its leaves, the watering should be sparingly at that time, but in the spring it will sprout again.. Lovely plant! Good luck with growing it!

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