Tipsy pots in my garden..

Tipsy pots planters became extremly popular now.. (at least according to Pinterest :)  Here is my take on it..

I pinched pinned this idea of a tipsy-pots-and-bird-bath-tower from this web site.

pots tower1

The cute metal bird bath/feeder was bought from TK Maxx (though it’s so tiny that hardly can serve the purpose either of bathing or feeding.. even for little birds – but looks nice :) )

pots tower

Strawberry plant in the top pot:

pots top

I wanted to make white  flowers “pouring” out of the bottom pot :

pots tower2

And that’s what it looks like from the flying birds’ point of view :)

pots tower3

The verdict:

It is certainly a cute idea and looks quite spectacular when the flowers are at their best..

However, I found out that pots dry out very quickly (and I did add water retaining crystals), even now when the weather is not particularly dry and sunny..

Clay pots normally dry out quickly and being “tipsy” doesn’t help retaining water.. Plastic pots, probably, would be better, but they don’t look as nice, I think..

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!

One thought on “Tipsy pots in my garden..

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