Summer dress with puff sleeves..

I made a new dress! That was my first attempt of sewing with knit fabric.

The fabric was bought at Goldhawk Road in London. I liked this fabric instantly in the shop, but fell out of love with it as soon as got home: it’s just too much, too flowery, too many colours, too “not me”. Oh well, I finally dug it out and decided to try this pattern:

thumb_800x600_10It’s from Burdastyle magazine 02/2009. The pattern looks simple, but as it was already noted on PatternReview, the instructions are quite scarce and not that much comprehensive.. I ended up making quite a few mistakes..



The sleeves are the most interesting part of the dress, and I still don’t know whether I like them.. Looks cute, but ..I’m not the fan of  two layers of fabric in the sleeve – makes it too hot on a warm day, and too big to squeeze your arms in a cardigan on a chilly day.. Or am I too fussy?


Only after I finished everything and took pictures, did I notice that there was a horrible bubble at the back! (That’s why you need a photo session..) I made two darts at the back and took in the yoke seam.  It’s still not perfect, but looks much better.


The neckline instruction was quite cryptic as well. I still don’t know whether I made it as Burdastyle intended or not..


The skills learnt:

Well, quite a lot, as it was my first knit fabric experience.. I bought a walking foot for this project (nice and useful), and discovered how to sew with twin needle.

I still don’t know whether I like this dress or not, but I definitely gained some valuable experience… :)


Thanks for looking and have a great day!


9 thoughts on “Summer dress with puff sleeves..

  1. I think your dress is just lovely! I am a bit afraid to make Burdastyle magazine patterns for that reason, that they seem to lack instructions and lack any pics at all. However, if you elect to make the ‘featured’ pattern, it is highlighted in pink on the patterns pages and they have a whole several page section including very informative pics for that project. This is what I’ll be doing for the pants from the May 2013 issue. But, even tho there were scant instructions, I think the dress came out really beautifully!

  2. I think it is very nice! I know what you mean about the instructions in Burdastyle – i am also never quite sure if I sewed things the way I was supposed to:-)

  3. I never looked twice at this pattern until I saw your review on Pattern Review. Now I am already wondering what fabric I have lurking in my stash that would be as smashing as your choice of fabric. BTW–It is never fun picking apart a garment to tweak the fit, but it definitely paid off for you. Well done.

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