Into the Blue: my new rash vest!

Just came from holiday! My holiday wardrobe is quite boring: a couple of shorts, a few t-shirts and the mostly worn item – rash vest (or rash guard). (My holiday wasn’t boring at all, actually it seemed more like a boot camp rather than relaxation time :)

I made this rash vest in 3 days which is a record for me, as  normally it takes me weeks (or even months) to complete a project.


So, I took my old rash vest ..


..and dissected it to make a pattern..


The thing that makes rash vest different from t-shirt is the seams, they are “flat” (which makes it comfortable to wear as the whole thing is quite tight)


Looks quite complicated, I suspect it’s made by using a coverstitch sewing machine.. Now, I don’t even own an overlocker, not alone a coverstitch machine..

That’s what I did to “recreate” the seam on my very conventional sewing machine: joined the edges by overlapping and made two “zigzag” seams:


It doesn’t look as nice and sturdy as “professional” seam, but it’s perfectly flat, and does its job! (I noticed that when using zigzag stitch, my machine skips stitches sometimes, do you know why?)

I used blue lycra, quite stretchy, bought from ebay; the black pieces are from an old rash vest..


The only thing that came out differently from “the original” is the collar: on the original rash vest the folded collar would cover the seam.. I think my fabric was less stretchy for that, and the seam under the collar looks a bit messy..

I attached to the bottom an elastic tape salvaged from the original rash vest.


And now the fun bit – rash vest in action..

rash vest 5

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArash vest 4vlcsnap-2013-07-23-18h18m11s197

To be honest, scuba diving is not a gracious sport – I feel more like a clumsy elephant in all this gear..

That’s what scuba diving is about – carrying a heavy kit under the raging heat..

The second part of holiday was about free-from scuba-diving :)


Into the Blue..

rash vest 7rash vest 8

Hey fish! Here I come..

vlcsnap-2013-08-01-16h15m26s2 feed you



Follow me, fish!


Feeding fish


Dancing with fish..

Diving a cave without scuba: (my darling husband informed that it’s “only” 20 metres long.. Well, it appeared to be more like 50..)



I’m out of air!

As you can see the sewn item was heavily used, and after 14 days of holiday it DIDN’T FALL APART!

Which I’m very happy about :)

PS. Sorry for excessive amount of pictures. I won’t do it anymore, I promise :)


12 thoughts on “Into the Blue: my new rash vest!

  1. Wow, awesome pics!! I love underwater pics, I bet you had such a great time! And, your rash vest came out very nice. I think it was very smart to overlap and zig-zag the seams. I think this would be a ‘flat-felled’ seam, yes?

    • Thank you! It was fun! I’m not sure whether it’s flat-felled seam.. I’m not good at terminology, but as far as I understand flat-felled seam looks like that:

      And my seam is like that:

      Hope it makes sense ..

      • Oh, I see the difference. So, yours is sort of like the “quickest way to flat-felled” leaving out all the extra folding. :) It would work fine for fabrics that do not fray, for sure.

  2. I love your pics! Even my son was impressed (he normally runs from the screen if it’s a sewing blog…)

    Where did you go?

    A flatlock seam is essential in long distance running gear (cycling too I guess) as without it, any bits that stick out on the inside will cause chafing, even bleeding, especially if you take hours to finish. The machines that sew these seams are very expensive and so are the finished garments. I might just take a leaf out of your book and try sew my own home version.

  3. Found your post as I’m going to try and make my own vest too. Skipped stitches usually mean the needle is blunt. When I get some fabric I’m going to try using the triple stitch zigzag for my seams.
    PS; Love your driving photos!

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