Presents of Being Present

Note from me:


I haven’t been posting anything for a while… Have a few finished projects, but just not in the mood..
I blame moody autumn.. Everything seems so silly and worthless in autumn.. I’m reading Japanese poetry, drinking cheap alcohol, dissolving in crisp autumn air.. escaping from reality in other words..
That is not Japanese, but still wonderful haiku from Leaf and Twig blog.. Have a look – it’s beautiful..

leaf and twig

autumn’s air is crisp and chill
dalias on the windowsill

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2 thoughts on “Presents of Being Present

  1. Sorry you’re feeling low, conversely autumn is one of my favourite times of the year! I love the crispness in the air and the way the garden springs back to life after the scorch of summer. Well, not that I don’t love summer too,, but well, every season has its special beauties. That is a lovely photograph and I love haikus too. :)

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