Irish Mesh Cowl and gloves set

I knitted this cowl using an easy and fun (and free!) Irish Mesh Cowl  pattern from ravelry.


The yarn was bought in the charity shop ages ago, it was on a cone, quite fine (possibly intended for machine knitting).  I made gloves first, but there was a little bit left, so I decided to make a small scarf or a cowl. Irish Mesh stitch doesn’t require much yarn – I made more rows than the pattern suggested just to utilise the wool (I think I still have some of it left)

cowl and gloves

I had quite a lot of use of both items this winter.. The cowl pattern is quite versatile and can be used for a light summery version as well.


Knitting process..

cowl gloves1

The dress I’m wearing on the pictures is made by me as well, and I will make a post about it soon (hopefully :)


Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


2 thoughts on “Irish Mesh Cowl and gloves set

  1. looks great, also look forward to seeing details of the dress. I cant imagine knitting, my one and only scarf attempt, of a couple of years ago, is still not finished

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