When autumn leaves start to fall..

.. That’s when I made this dress.. I even took pictures of it, but somehow never found time to post it..


Inspiration came from  this dress from Modcloth:

modcloth dressI looked through patterns in my stash and found Butterick 5523 bought in a sale:

B5523The main feature of the pattern, the collar, got omitted, and half way through sewing I realised that empire waist doesn’t suit me (why on earth did I buy this pattern on the first place?).

When I first tried the dress, it reminded me my school uniform (which was ugly by the way), it was big, bulky and dreadful..

I had to take in a lot in side seams, I also made the bodice a bit longer and sewed down the skirt pleats to accentuate the waist line, for  it to look less like a bag..



the back

I quite like the pleat on the sleeve, although I am not sure this detail suits my broad shoulders..

The most enjoyable part of the dress was the appliqué that I copied from Modcloth dress. It was my first attempt to appliqué, and I enjoyed it a lot! I used quilting cotton and matching embroidery thread.


After embellishing the dress with leaves my heart warmed up towards it: it doesn’t look like school uniform any more, and I even wore it a few times :)


Thanks for looking and have a great day!


9 thoughts on “When autumn leaves start to fall..

  1. An interesting blog. I think the shape is pretty good on you, and the appliqué is excellent. Makes me want to have a go. But the nicest thing about this dress is the colour! It is very flattering. It is a similar warm, muted shade to your skin and lip colour and I think it really enhances your natural beauty. Well done.

  2. It’s a great copycat and your first applique is perfect. I think the skater style really suits your figure and I know what you mean about the empire – it’s a bit maternity for me – but it can make the legs look longer.

    You should make another, similar one next autumn!

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