Owl cardigan finished!

The most work on this cardigan was done during Christmas holidays, but somehow this project had waited for finishing touches till June..
Now when it’s finished I can’t wear it even for a photo session – it’s too hot!

I made up a pattern myself using the so popular Owl motif.. First I wanted to make this cute pullover, but as it’s mega popular on Ravelry, there are already 7471 projects based on it! I thought I should make up something else, something unique, but with owls :)



The front piece with the tree and an owl on a branch came up very quickly. The back, however, didn’t come easy: I had to unravel it a few times and make it again and again until I was happy..

The picture below renders the colour of the cardigan closest to reality. It’s not that rainbow coloured as on other pictures..



I used “camel brown tweed” from Ice Yarns bought online on winter sale. It’s 40% wool, 30% viscose and 30% acryllic. Very nice yarn, although very fine, so I knitted with two strands of yarn at once..


I’m quite happy with my owl project and hope to have some wear of it in autumn..



Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


17 thoughts on “Owl cardigan finished!

  1. Wow! That is absolutely beautiful!! Your knitting skills are worlds beyond mine, and I’m super-impressed! Hopefully you’ll be modeling it for your blog when the weather turns cool. :)

  2. Exquisite! You and I are following each other – I just bought some wool yesterday with plans for a A/W cardigan but my knitting skills are no where near this. It’s probably heavy enough to use as a coat.

  3. Wow, not what I expected from the post title. This is very creative and perfectly executed. I’d love a cardigan like that (not that I could afford it, and my eyesight would go in the years it would take for me to learn to knit with your skill!!)

    Like my Burda jacket, it’ll be nice for us to have something in the wardrobe to soften the blow of the the summer over!

  4. What an impressive sweater — I am truly in awe of your knitting/knitting pattern designing skills!! It looks very special, I hope you will post a picture of you wearing it when it gets cooler, I am sure it looks fabulous on you.

  5. Gosh – your cardigan is amazing. What a difficult project. I have started the Owls jumper but I got the sizing wrong, and I am not much of a knitter, so it is sitting in my office, making me feel guilty. I am very impressed and look forward to seeing what you put with it once this amazing summer weather finally subsides. Well done!

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